Lighting systems in Reggio Emilia

Our story

Aldo and Giuseppe Cacciavillani

Aldo (left) and Giuseppe (right) to the opening ceremony of the news seat in via Majakovskij

The story of our firm and of our family are closely  interrelated.

The two brothers Aldo and Giuseppe Cacciavillani in 1961 took over the business of the Veronesi e Casini in Vicolo Parisetti, in the city centre of Reggio Emilia. The small store (200 sq. m.) becomes immediately operative in the supply of electrical equipment, electrical appliances, and lighting products, both wholesale and retail.
In a short while, the store in the city centre becomes too little, and Aldo and Giuseppe feel the need of having a new seat, inaugurated in 1972 in Via Majakovskij, where you can still find us today.

The successful idea was abandoning the sale of electrical appliances and strenghten the other two branches instead: electrical supplies and lighting (both installation and lighting system supply), different among them but still connected.

The development of lighting systems and electrical supplies

cacciavillani minibus

Our means of transportation in the ’70s

In the end of the ‘70s we start our collaboration with the most famous Italian clothing brands (with which we are still working today), supplying them the lighting systems for their stores.

At the same time, the branch dedicated to the electricians is growing, both for number of clients that for number of brands and products.

In 2003, due to logistical reasons and to optimise our resources, we decided to enlarge the original seat by building a brand new building, which today reaches  9.000 sq. m. between warehouse, showroom, public spaces, and offices.

It’s been years now that we offer, together with the retail, free assistance and technical consultancy.
A unique service because supplied by our higly qualified staff.

Other branches we are dealing with since long time are domotics, photovoltaics, and security.

Our values

We firmly believe in people connection relationships, and trust.

Cacciavillani sponsor calcio negli anni '70

Cacciavillani sponsor of a soccer team during the ’70

These were our founders’ core values. Today, we continue to believe in the same values, sons and nephews connected to this firm since we were kids. Aldo and Giuseppe always put their clients at the first place.
Today, we still know each one of our clients by name, ond often they become our friend, thus confirming the pleasure connected to the hospitality and familiarity of our firm.

In a time where people communicate among them by means of emails and social media, our choice is to keep on building strong relationships with people.

What we do for men and the environment

  • we support non-profit organisations (Red Cross and G.A.S.T)
  • we train our partners and clients on how to properly dispose electrical waste
  • we installed on the roof of our buildings two solar power plants that provide us 32 kw and 99 kw
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