With Living Now devices you can create a traditional or connected system, the difference lies in the type of socket or command that is chosen for your home. The connected commands communicate via radio to the Gateway (installed in the wall) which can in turn receive a command from a Smartphone or a voice assistant

The design of Living Now is characterized by the extreme cleanness of the design and the rigor of the geometries. A unique and distinctive shape, with a perfect flatness of the surface and a perfect alignment between the various elements of the light point. A synthesis of aesthetic, functional and technological evolution that transforms the switch into a real command interface.

16 types of plates and 3 of cover covers. Try all the combinations to find the one you prefer, that best matches the style and colors of your home.

With Living Now with Netatmo you can control the whole house directly via your smartphone. Turn on the light, lower the shutters, receive notifications on the system status and check the consumption.

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