Call for halogen lamps

PHILIPS products

European Union – September 2018

For several years we have witnessed a gradual abandonment of inefficient and high-consumption electrical devices.

Among these there are also lighting devices.

Traditional halogen lamps will be gradually withdrawn from the European market.

The changes in EU lighting legislation are implemented gradually, which means that various energy-saving alternatives are already available on the market.

Is it worth worrying?
Absolutely not!
We offer our customers an interesting range of LED alternatives!

Wide range of products to replace the 230-240 V halogen lamps banned by the Directive.

LED lamps are available in various shapes, finishes, colors and prices.

In addition, most Philips LED lamps are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable versions, as well as in various types of packaging.

Download our brochure to find out which Philips LED lamps we recommend to replace those halogen lamps.

Some types of halogen lamps, lamps with low-voltage, linear and capsule-shaped reflectors, will still be available and sold within the EU.
See the overview below.

All lamps affected by the directive are being replaced to ensure compliance. The lamps shown below are affected by the third phase of the ErP legislation. Here you will find some recommended and efficient Philips alternatives and / or LED replacements for the affected lamps.

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