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It’s always nice to collaborate with architects and designers like Gio Tirotto because we know that our lights in every project will have a different personality and the interior lighting will be perfectly integrated with the spirit of the place that welcomes them. In this article we present the work done for an innovative Italian Hotel-coworking, entirely designed by Tirotto. A place born with the intention of providing something different than the classic hotel, something that is in step with the times and with the ever-changing needs of those traveling for work. The business man is uncomfortable when, at the end of their hard working day, they return to their hotel and are forced to complete the activities sitting on the bed or on an uncomfortable desk in their hotel room. This is why the accommodation offers many valuable services, first of all a multi-functional space of 250 square meters in which the professional or the agent can sit at a desk and have available all the technology needed to work productively and rewardingly. But this is not just about this. The space is frequented by other people who are there for the same purpose. This aspect makes the coworking area a place full of opportunities thanks to the meetings that it is able to generate and that allow exchanges of fast and dynamic ideas that would never be found in more traditional contexts.

Technology and design are the cornerstones of this hotel that offers guests not only a fiber optic connection with a radio bridge for a high performance wifi, but also technologically advanced rooms equipped, for example, with Smart TV connected to the internet to browse, watch streaming TV series or, why not, play online.

The other fundamental aspect of the hotel is that of design. Gio Tirotto, with his unmistakable style and his declared love for lighting, has created a light space where light and comfort are the keys to reading. Tirotto worked by subtraction and the general result was that of having environments with a certain compositional rigor understood not in the sense of emptiness but of truth and sincerity in the relationship between form and function.





lampade da tavolo led


In the Tirotto rooms he designed ad hoc designed furniture in which the lights, through a delicate play of contrasts, create different living environments even though they have no real divisions. The result is a relaxing and light    atmosphere in which each element is designed to rest the guest in the best possible way.

Design and technology can also be found on the wooden table where Philippe Starck Flos desk lamp D’E-light for Flos, as well as lighting, recharges the peripherals.

The abatjour instead have a poetic presence but are born from a sophisticated 3D printing (Voltaire Table of the collection .exnovo of the designers Gio Tirotto & Stefano Rigolli).


Even in the common area of ​​coworking there is no room for the superfluous, the useless. Each object has its own function of utility and design.

Like the perfect geometry of the Flos Infra-Structure lighting system, it is a very modern system of parallel structures that is multifunctional because, thanks to the magnetic coupling of the LED lamps, it can transform the arrangement of the lamps with a simple gesture. Precisely for this reason he was chosen by the designer Gio Tirotto for the need to change the layout of the workstations and consequently that of the lights. Infra-Structure won the FX Interior Design Awards 2017 as a product of the year.


The lights in this beautiful space have been designed sparingly and are perfect for their function. Lamps, chandeliers and LED lights, when they are positioned at their best, contribute to relaxation and to make people feel at ease, making the environment welcoming and familiar.

Because light is a powerful message.

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