Small, compact, comfortable: it is the ideal accessory to always carry with you to improvise an aperitif on the terrace, a picnic under the stars, a dinner on the beach … and wrap every moment with a magical atmosphere.


Versatile, lightweight and wireless. They are portable and rechargeable design lamps that we recommend

Lights equipped with an internal battery that, in most cases, is powered by a USB cable to connect to the computer, power supply or battery pack

Lamps that follow you freely in your travels, adapting to all needs, to brighten your summer evenings, to renew your decor or to make your room cozy and welcoming.

Clizia Battery, Slamp – Adriano Rachele

Wireless and with rechargeable battery, the naturalistic table lamp moves with the simplicity of a gesture to offer new scenarios. From floral lantern to en plein air dinners on the veranda, atmospheric light for awakening or a relaxing hot bath. Perfect alone as a centerpiece of an elegant and original mise en place; splendid if choreographed in multiples on a long imperial table. Effective decorative solution for professional events, glamorous touch ceremonies, romantic tête-à-tête on the patio, cafés and restaurants. To illuminate without patterns, leaving room for imagination and your own creative spirit.

lampade clizia battery gala cena felsini lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani
lampade bon jour unplugged flos lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani

Bon Jour Unplugged, Flos – Philippe Starck

Rechargeable table light luminaire with direct light. Base and top cover in ABS and finish by sputtering or painting. Diffuser and lampshade in transparent injection-molded PMMA. Light source with Edge Lighting technology. Autonomy of 6 hours, charging via Micro-USB. Slide switch positioned under the base that guarantees the 4-step dimmer function. USB-C charging cable included in the box useful length 120 cm. USB battery charger on plug with interchangeable plugs.

Deva – Renzo Serafini

Functionality and design in a single object. A lamp with a simple and essential flavor ideal to give on special occasions. Iron and aluminum body, burnished finish and natural brass, milk-white decorative glass, LED, duration 10 hours, recharge 4 hours.

lampade deva renzo serafini lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani
lampade cri cri foscarini giardino luce atmosfera lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani

Cri Cri, Foscarini – Studio Natural

A trip out of town. The chirping of cicadas in the air. A picnic, the checkered tablecloth spread out on the grass. This is the joyful and disengaged atmosphere that evokes Cri Cri: a lamp without cable with internal rechargeable battery, to hang or lean wherever you want, both outdoors and indoors. It is a wireless lamp with LED light and silicon body that closes with bellows. Adjustable with a simple touch at three different levels of intensity, it has a rechargeable internal battery and a convenient handle for carrying and hanging it.

Battery, Kartell – Ferruccio Laviani

Battery is the iconic abat-jour of small dimensions, made of transparent PMMA, whose great innovation is given by the fact that it is 100% rechargeable via a simple electric plug and has an autonomy of up to 8 hours. This allows it to be moved with great ease: ideal therefore for contract, use in cafes or outdoor restaurants. Battery presents a crystal-colored hat with a faceted surface that offers enchanting light effects and a structure proposed in three different refined metal colors.

lampade kartell battery lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani
lampade follow me marset luce atmosfera cena lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani

FollowMe, Marset – Inma Bermúdez

Portable and rechargeable, FollowMe is a table lamp that can be carried wherever you go. It is ideal both indoors and outdoors. It also works in restaurants and terraces that do not have access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight. Small and compact, it almost seems like a personal accessory. With an oscillating lampshade in white polycarbonate, it boasts a bright and fresh look. Equipped with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is integrated, and has a USB port for charging.

Poldina, Ai Lati Lights

Rechargeable table lamp, with matt white or corten painted aluminum body, polycarbonate diffuser and LED light source. The Poldina collection has an IP54 protection rating that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Battery life is guaranteed for more than 9 hours. The Ailati products are immediately recognizable, thanks to the particular distinctive signs that characterize them. The design of Federico De Majo is in fact very precise and clear and starts from the mix between the new technologies and the craftsmanship typical of totally Made in Italy manufactures.

lampade poldina ai lati zafferano ailati cacciavillani luce

lampade rotaliana dina+ dina + cellulare caricatore innovativa lampada ricaricabile illuminazione senzafili batteria cacciavillani

Dina+, Rotaliana – Giovanni Lauda, Dante Donegani

Versatile and innovative, Dina + is equipped with a lithium battery (30 hours of battery life). The USB socket on the back allows you to charge mobile phones and tablets, while the touch dimmer adjusts the intensity of the light. The polycarbonate diffuser is interchangeable and the aluminum structure supports LED. The light effect is soft and warm, it adapts perfectly to any environment from the living room to the bedroom. The diffuser creates a magical play of light: when the lamp the lampshade is lit it becomes transparent. Translucent chrome diffuser.

Discover all the rechargeable products by Davide Groppi, original objects, with a simple and elegant design.

He himself defines “Never simple lamps, because the Light is a wonderful opportunity to seduce and excite”.

All his creations are characterized by simplicity and lightness and express emotions.

Here are the latest models you can come to see and try!

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