electrical supplies in Reggio Emilia

fornitura materiale elettrico civile

We supply a wide range of electrical equipment for civil use.

We offer various products including civil series, home & building automation systems, video door entry systems and CCTV, as well as plugs, sockets, tools, instrumentation, sound systems, and much more.

Centralised vacuum cleaning systems for homes, hotels, and offices. These allow practical and quick cleaning, ensuring a healthy and sanitary environment. The systems consist of floor hoses, wall sockets, and a central vacuum cleaner located in a separate room to which the extracted dust is conveyed, avoiding the recirculation of bacteria in the air.

We use only the best brands.

You will never be left to your own devices during the purchasing process: our experts will advise you so you can be sure you’ll always make the best choice.

Electrical supplies + consultation and planning = a perfect result!

AERTECNICA materiale elettrico
forniture Bticino

 Choose the freedom of a clean world

TUBÒ is an innovative system to clean the rooms and enhance the air we breathe.

Unlike common vacuums, TUBÒ uses uses walls sockets and pipes that convey the extracted dust toward a separate room, far from the place we are cleaning.

TUBÒ the centralised vacuum cleaning system by Aertecnica.

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