Control heat, cold, and insects

Technology at our service

We offer various solutions for every residential and professional requirement in all these areas.

Our selected brands guarantee you stay cool in summer and warm in winter, with top performance and great energy savings. Inverter systems allow reductions in energy consumption of up to 60%.

Various types of fans: ceiling, table, floor, and wall models. Fine design suitable for any environment, from homes to shops and other public places. Thanks to the reversibility feature, it is possible to reverse the direction of the air flow from the floor to the ceiling, improving heat management in winter.

Mobile and wall-mounted fan heaters are a useful supplement to existing heating systems. They are programmable using adjustable daily programmers.

Electric Infrared Heaters generate heat by radiation: the heat is diffused directly using the same principle as solar radiation. They are particularly suitable when immediate heat is required, especially in areas with low temperatures or in rooms in direct and constant contact with the outside.

Electro-insecticides: ecological and inexpensive insect control systems. It is easy to eliminate insects, such as flies and mosquitoes using these products without resorting to poisons or toxic substances.

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