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Illuminazione di interni di design

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Lighting is a key aspect when decorating a home, restaurant, or hotel because it can totally change the atmosphere and the feel of the various environments.

A building’s lighting system is a complex arrangement of lights that must be planned and set up so as to illuminate the environment as effectively as possible, all the while ensuring the lowest levels of energy consumption.

Their beautiful design means lights are also a form of decoration, and what makes them special is that they are decorative in different ways depending on whether they are switched off or on. In this way, they can be used to add a surprising effect to amaze and create unexpectedly varied and exciting atmospheres.

Designer indoor lighting

We have vast experience in indoor lighting design and have worked together over the years with architects, interior designers, and planners to create striking environments where the lighting and the choice of lighting points is always faultless.

We focus on the delicate balance of light and shade that must harmonise perfectly so as to create a room that will be neither too dark nor too bright.

We carefully assess the best level of lighting for the intended use of the premises, e.g., office, home, hotel lobby, restaurant, etc.

Our highly skilled designers can help you make your lighting choice and offer suggestions for each individual room, taking into account their intended use and your needs; they will also work out an energy saving plan.

Opt for all our benefits:

  • We have both lighting and electrical equipment departments. This means that the lights themselves and the electrical components required for installation are immediately available.
  • 40 years of experience in design
  • Thanks to our favourable business agreements, we can offer the best design brands at attractive prices
  • Vast availability of material in stock
  • Fast delivery
  • Consultation with our designers. The highest levels of service and expertise.

Here is a small collection of our latest work.

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