Outdoor lighting for gardens, courtyards, and swimming pools

Outdoor garden lighting for houses, parks, and courtyards: create the atmosphere of your dreams!

Outdoor lighting follows different rules from indoor lighting, as surfaces can be very large, and lights tend to be scattered.

General principles

Garden lighting needs to bring out both colours and dark spots, so the amount of light produced must be just right. It has to be strong enough to illuminate the shady areas but not too strong; otherwise it may obscure the other areas of the garden or park.

Illuminazione esterna Reggio Emilia

Garden lighting design must be in harmony with that of the external and internal architecture of the house in order to achieve a sense of continuity.

Here are a few points to watch out for:

  • Light pollution: awareness of light pollution has grown over the years, and the various regional governments across Italy have introduced different kinds of legislation to combat this problem. The general rule is that lights may point no higher than the horizon, so they cannot point to the sky, and they must shine from the top down.
  • Outdoor lighting lets us to walk without risk of injury. For example, the lighting chosen for pedestrian walkways, steps, and poolsides will allow our guests to move around easily in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Outdoor lighting to dissuade intruders: simply using lights around the perimeter of the garden can be enough to discourage thieves and criminals.
  • Safe installation: the workforce also plays an important role in the success of the project. Make sure that installation is carried out by experienced electricians.
  • Environmental sustainability: choose lights with low environmental impact. LED lighting is often the recommended choice because it combines beautiful warm white shades with low consumption. Another option is solar lamps. They offer the advantage of low environmental impact albeit at above-average cost.
  • Degree of protection. Outdoor lamps have an IP (International Protection) number showing their degree of resistance to weathering. The number consists of two figures. The first indicates the level of ability to resist penetration by external solid bodies. The highest figure is 6, which means the device is totally protected from dust. The second indicates protection against liquid permeation. The maximum is 8, for permanent water immersion lamps at a depth of one metre.

These are the various types of lights on the market:

  • Floor lamps for outdoor use, pole lights, street lamps
  • Floor LED spotlights and recessed floor lighting, often used in walkways and pathways
  • Outdoor wall and ceiling lamps for terraces, porches, and covered areas
  • Hanging lamps
  • Decorative lights. We could call these luminous sculptures; they are spectacular even during the day and are ideal for those who aim to impress.

Why choose us?

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