Everything you need for video surveillance in your home

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Burglary and vandalism in the home are among the most common crimes.

The frequency of these episodes means that householders feel the need to protect their space and privacy.

Fortunately, increasing advances in technology can come to our aid. Intrusion systems can detect and report promptly on any attempted trespass and alert you on your mobile phone.

Home video surveillance systems are the result of constant research in the field of integrated technologies to protect valuables: people, cities, private and public property.

Remote management systems allow you to see the images taken by your home video surveillance system on your PC. These systems use your mobile phone to alert you to the presence of burglars and allow you to contact the police immediately.

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We have selected highly engineered brands, designed to translate a growing need for security into reliable systems guaranteeing effectiveness, functionality, and versatility.

Click on the brands below to find out more or contact us.

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