Lighting for clothing shops and other retail establishments

fornitori illuminazione per negozi di abbigliamento

General considerations on shop lighting

Lighting is a key element in optimising the shopping experience in the store, but its importance is often underestimated.

Correct lighting can change the way we perceive an environment and its spaces and can create what we call the ‘atmosphere’ of an area. Depending on the colour or the type of white used, lights can evoke either a feeling of modernity or times gone by, of sophistication or playfulness.

Lights must:

  • showcase the products on display without altering the colours in any way
  • differentiate the various areas inside the store
  • maximise the effect of shop windows, enticing customers to come inside, and at the same time make your store stand out from its neighbours
  • mask any ‘imperfections’ when people are in the shop, especially in the dressing rooms (in clothing stores)
  • maximise energy saving design

Some of the most widely used products in store lighting

  • LED panels: these come in various sizes and produce diffused light of a specific intensity; it may be either warm white or natural. Easy to install in false ceilings or inside showcases.
  • Strip LED: perfect for shady corners, these LED strips provide a delicate warm light and are ideal for in-store dressing rooms.
  • Recessed ceiling lights: provide diffused lighting and embellish the shop with their refined design.
  • Adjustable recessed spotlights: particularly suitable when it is important to be able to observe product details such as the weft of a fabric. Their mobility makes them perfect for shop windows.

Professional lighting is a key factor in the success of any business. You can rely on us for your lighting, organisation, and development needs.

We work with many different sectors, but clothing stores are our speciality. We are long-standing partners of the big names in the Italian clothing industry, and provide lighting for their stores in Italy and around the world.

Why choose us?

  • 40 years of experience.
  • Detailed and exclusive analysis for each type of store.
  • Design consultation.
  • Complete resources for lighting and electrical systems with fast and punctual delivery times.
  • We also supply products especially made for us by our partner suppliers. Thanks to the many years spent working with the best lighting brands, we are able to supply products made specifically for customers looking for something unique and exclusive.

Below is a small selection of our stores in Italy and around the world.

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