Choose and control sound in multiple rooms

diffusione sonora

The Sound Diffusion system allows you to select and control sound by simultaneously diffusing it into multiple rooms with high-quality sound.

Thanks to the different audio products available, it is possible to choose whether to install single or multi-channel systems for residential environments (from flats to villas), in tertiary sector environments, such as offices, shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centres, showrooms, and urban spaces, such as parks and city squares.

Our extensive know-how in the field of safety and fire prevention has led us to deepen the field of sound diffusion and evacuation. Today, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to offer multiple methods of communication, e.g., providing specific information on the emergency situation, which thus allows people in hazard areas to act in the most appropriate way.

We work with the most reliable and prestigious brands in the industry, such as Montarbo, FBT, Vivaldi, Tutondo, Rcf, Itc audio, Monacor, and Bespeco, selected to meet the most varied requirements.

Quality digital music in every room.

Nuvo: multiroom sound diffusion system

In any room of your house, wherever your music comes from, tablet, smartphone, hard disk or streaming, Nuvo is the Wireless Hi-Fi System which allows you to enjoy your favourite digital music in high quality, controlling it with an easy to use app.

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