Lighting public squares, parks, neighbourhoods, and monuments


Lighting squares and public streets: lighting for redevelopment.

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No redevelopment of urban spaces is complete without an attentive lighting project.

Our designers’ strategies always reflect the aims of the development plan:

  • increase safety
  • show a monument at its best
  • heighten the image of a city
  • save energy

When lighting a public square, for example, it is essential to have the sensitivity to capture the soul of the place and create a form of lighting that will build upon it. This will encourage the local inhabitants to visit it and stimulate the nightlife, thus attracting tourists.

This is exactly what happened, for example, with the lighting in Reggio Emilia’s Piazza dei Teatri. This was an ambitious project by the city council, which totally redeveloped the area and gave new life to the image of the Teatro Valli and the city itself through the painstaking renovation of flooring, lighting, and, of course, the fountain.

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