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Lighting design advice

Advice on outdoor lighting, store lighting, and designer indoor lighting.

Lighting design is an art to be practiced with care.

Which is why we offer this exclusive service to all our customers, because if lighting projects are not carefully planned, the outcome may be less than satisfactory.

Our flair and creativity can be put to best use if you contact us at the very start of the project when the lighting points have not yet been fixed. In this way we can offer you customised lighting solutions to make the most of any environment.

The lighting design project will be drawn up after consultation and an on-site inspection: a personal meeting is important so we can not only get to know the place and its problems but also the customer and his or her expectations and wishes.

We can use plans and photography to carry out a survey of measurements and spaces to make the project become a reality. We can then propose a tailor-made lighting design, and, working in close contact with our partners, we can produce photometric renderings that allow customers to view a virtual version of the final result and make any necessary changes.

We produce a complete lighting plan to make sure that the end result will be exactly what we had in mind when talking with the customer. We then work directly with the installers to ensure an impeccable result.

The lighting design plan is included free of charge when you purchase our products.

This is a unique technical advice service (thanks to the expertise of our designers) you will find nowhere else.

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